13: Fear is Real — Would You?

Due to the writers strike I started watching a lot of reality tv. But, on the good side they are just limited to the ones that come on Bravo. You know Project Runway, Top Chef, Shear Genius, and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Fashion. Wow, it’s a longer list than I thought. Well whatever, this will be my first non-Bravo show, (until Runway moves to Lifetime, that is) it’s called, 13: Fear is Real.

Tv.com says the following about the upcoming show:
Imagine the Blair Witch Project as a reality series, and you have grasped the concept for this CW reality series from Sam Raimi. Thirteen teens are stranded in the Louisiana bayou, and each week one contestant’ mysteriously disappears as they are eliminated from the
competition. The last one standing will win a prize of $66,666.

13 – Fear is Real – The CW
I always say I want to do these shows, but I don’t know. And plus, that’s not enough money. What do you guys think?