Poltergeist, Scary or Not?

In other stupid sequel news they are making a fourth Poltergeist due to be released in ’09 or 2010, not sure. It’s supposed to be called Poltergeist IV: In The Shadows. No details have yet been given regarding this latest installment. It has been 19 years since the third movie was released. It will be between being a remake and being a continuation.

A friend of mine recently watched the first film for the first time. I know you’re thinking how is that even possible. I thought the same thing. Anyway she said it wasn’t in the least scary to her. Calling it kind of stupid. WTF?

This got me to thinking, was Poltergeist scary (It certainly was to me because I hate clowns and that the one scene forever branded into my head) or were we just young. Poltergeist, the films scary or not? Check out the clown scene, freaky!