The Strangers — Shotgun.Shotgun.Shotgun.

Shotgun. Shotgun. Shotgun. That’s all I’m going to say about that. I don’t want to give away anything for anyone still planning on seeing this, in fact I was hoping someone else would tell us what they thought, but here’s my take.

After seeing Funny Games (the original) and Them, I got to say this one does not stand up well to the other two. Here are some things to keep in mind, unlike the other two films there isn’t any real threats in this one. They break in, they walk around, and they write some things on the wall. I believe it’s supposed to be blood they are writing with, not sure. Remember Shotgun. Shotgun. Shotgun. That will make more sense if you’ve seen the movie. The characters, James and Kristen are kind of stupid and not fleshed out enough for you really to care one way or the other about what happens to them. And their actions are just plain dumb. There’s just nothing. I kept expecting Speedman to man up just once in this, and he never did. Neither character took a stand. And for that matter neither did the villains, they were kind of on the lame and on the lazy side. Their posters were scarier.

Then there’s the fact that Speedman’s character left and came back and instead of fleeing they engage in more dumb conversation, but there would be no movie then I guess. They even gave Liv a run, fall and twist your ankle scene for good measure. The beginning scene with the whole voice over telling us about the “events” that took place, was a nice touch.

I found this movie more annoying than scary. There was just no scare there, I get it was supposed to be psychological, but it wasn’t. If I had not already spent good money on this one I would say wait until dvd.

Anyone see it? If you agree or disagree let me know. I’ll watch it again when its on dvd and maybe things will change. But, for now Hott Speedman is going on my list of actors who have wasted my money.

  • Greg P.

    LOL wow. I just bought this on bluray because of some positive reviews I’ve read…but i wished I’d stumbled upon this before i bought it, because its exactly how I feel – more annoyed than scared. At the beginning i was actually immersed into the story, Scott and Liz were interesting, and when they started introducing The Strangers…i actually was on the edge of my seat. Once Scott came back, things just started getting stupid and annoying really quick. The turning point….Yup you guessed it….SHOTGUN. Yes, the movie completely lost me once Scott got a hold of the SHOTGUN. WHY? Well, lets just say…the stupidity as a result of the use of the SHOTGUN makes you wish that there wouldnt be a SHOTGUN in the first place. I would say i gave up after this, with Shotgun in hand, Scott tells Liv to hide outside and they seperate. I mean, WTF?! So i dont want to compeletly spoil it for you, but after awhile, you start getting the trend of stupid things happening with the SHOTGUN, so you can easily predict what the next stupid thing might be. As a matter of fact, if there was a top 5 list of “things you shouldnt do with a loaded shotgun when entrapped by a group of strangers at a desolate vacation home” you’ll find scott doing pretty much everything on that list. Through the movie…you’ll be able come up with a handful of better ideas to get out of that dire situation and yelling at the screen because you’ll find scott and liv doing the opposite. Dont get me wrong…there are actually some scary segments in this film…and it being inspired by true events helps…but you can’t help but be too distracted by the use or misuse of the movie’s most pivotal prop..the SHOTGUN.