What's Your Favorite Edgar Allen Poe story?

What’s You Favorite Poe Story?

Long before Stephen King, penned anything, the world had Edgar Allen Poe. Ah, crazy drunk, absinthe soaked Poe. Gotta love him. Anyway, I was reading something about absinthe making this huge comeback here in the states, and every time I hear absinthe I think of Poe.

I have to pick The Tale of the Tell-Tale Heart. Many people have made an attempt to adapt this for a movie or tv. And I can’t think of a really good version, but Masters of Horror did a fairly good job with an episode based on Poe. But, here is the best adaptation. It makes me happy and since I’m in a terrible mood today. Two birds one stone. Enjoy!

So, I ask you guys what’s your favorite Edgar Allen Poe story or poem?