The Worst Idea of the Day—Lost Boys 3!!?!?!?

I’m convinced movie execs sit in their offices and throw darts at a big board with all the titles of the movies we 80’s and 90’s kids loved and decide to remake, sequel or prequel them into something that we hate. I’m not sure whether they do it for kicks, i.e. Michael Bay and his minions or just thinking they can do it better, i.e. Michael Bay and his minions. Anyway, remember this is just talk, but is reporting there are early rumblings of Lost Boys 3.

Yup, you read that right, like the fuck-up that was Lost Boys 2 wasn’t enough. They want to go back to completely diminish the franchise. Check it out:
So some of you didn’t like “Lost Boys: The Tribe”? Is that what I’m hearing?

The biggest complaint seems to be the lack of Sam (Corey Haim) and Alan (Jamison Newlander) action (but c’mon! how great was Feldman in this movie! He was insanely good – was there ever going to be room for the other two guys?), and that’s fair enough, they did after all only appear briefly (Newlander didn’t even appear in the film itself, but in an alternate ending fond on the DVD). And I’m sure there’s more to the story as to why they did only pop-up momentarily. Whatever the case, they weren’t really a part of the film – and some of you expected that they would be.

I’ve spoken to one of the chaps involved in the movie since its DVD debut last week and he promises me that there will definitely be more Sam and Alan in “Lost Boys 3” (yep, seems they’re thinking about it already). Feldman, Haim and Newlander will be the stars of the next chapter.

The finale of “The Tribe” sets the next film up, signaling a possible Corey vs. Corey outing next time around, and that’s indeed what we’re going to get… as of today anyway. And yes, Jamison Newlander will be back as Alan Frog – and not just for a deleted ending on the disc.

I’m going to get a cocktail now. And the fact that this guy thought Feldman was good in the sequel calls for two cocktails. What movie was he watching? Feldman’s outfit, stupid voice, and overacting are all the reasons we don’t need a third movie.

  • JT

    I thought Feldman was excellent in LB2. And as for LB3, I can’t wait. Although I would rather see a storyline made of the alternate endings rather than the final scene in LB2.

  • tim