See It! REC (Horror from Spain)

This one is called REC and it is the Spanish version of the recently released Quarantine. You knew it was a remake right? You know Hollywood doesn’t turn out original horror anymore. Anyway, I haven’t seen Quarantine, but if they remade it shot by shot which I’m sure they did then it’s the same movie, except no subtitles.

I have found the originals are usually better. Here’s the trailer for REC, enjoy!

Let me know if you watch, your thoughts.

  • serenityblue101

    I already learned to respect Spanish filmakers after seeing Pan’s Labyrinth, remaking Pan’s Labyrinth would be like trying to redo something Michael Angelo did. Impossible. (Why do they remake so much crap?)

  • HorrorFatale

    Have you watched The Orphanage?