See It! ‘Dead Snow’

I heard a few fangirls and boys, didn’t like this movie for some reason, but I have to say I am not one of them. I think it was overall most excellent! Where to begin? Well Dead Snow of course has all the elements of most horror movies: youngsters on a road trip, hormones, beer and pissed off Nazi zombies!
deadsnow_nazi zombies
Basically we follow a group of young medical students on their ski holiday, only to be told by one of the locals of the legend of missing Nazi’s that disappeared in the very mountains they are currently vacationing. Oops! Of course they balk at the story, only to find it’s all true and the now long dead Nazi’s are not happy. Get off my mountain! No one says that but, if they had it would have totally worked. Anyway, the battle between the undead and the long dead rages!

Watch for one kill in particular, it involves eye sockets.. I really don’t think I’ve seen this particular method before. If you watch it your live will change, not really but I will be surprised if you don’t really enjoy it.

And most importantly there will a sequel! More on that later.