See it! Drag Me to Hell

First off, if you don’t get Army of Darkness or Evil Dead, don’t bother watching this because the overall joke will be lost on you. You will not understand why this movie is a fun hot mess, and trying to explain it to you won’t help you. Just know the kooky, over the top is on purpose. It’s a horror comedy done well. It’s rare, but it happens, think Jack Brooks, Hatchet, The Cottage.

This is Sam Raimi’s return to horror comedy fun-ness, without . Now for those people who don’t get the reasons why Ash was awesome will not enjoy this movie. But if you realize that Raimi is just messing with the audience and he knows that you realize the situation at hand is highly unlikely and way over the top, then you’ll enjoy Drag Me to Hell. drag-me-to-hell-poster

Now, there were parts that didn’t work for me, I think the Mac Guy didn’t fit in as well as I thought he would. Most times the love interest in these movies realize they are supposed to serve as sort of the foil for the main characters antics, but instead he plays it a little too calm and straight. But, I liked the Alison Lohman aka Christine Brown character a lot in this, truly sticking to Raimi’s usual character development, innocent person caught up in the extraordinary who finds out she’s tougher than she thinks. The old lady is a shade of awesome; I enjoyed her scenes immensely, even when she was in, um… repose.
If you like any of the movies I mentioned earlier, you will like Drag Me to Hell.