See it! Paranormal Activity

paranormal_posterThis weekend the HorrorFatale finally got around to watching Paranormal Activity and I have to say, not bad. The story as you might have heard involves Micah and Katie. We find out early on that Katie has been haunted on and off by an unseen entity. Micah, her boyfriend doesn’t quite believe it so he decides to start videotaping their nights. This only seems to escalate the situation and the haunting gets more intense. In fact, Micah who clearly has never watched a horror movie seems to go out of his way to make this entity even angrier. And we already know this means he is doomed. Meanwhile Katie invites a Physic in who turns out to be my favorite character, especially on his second visit. Watch for it.
paranormal_activity screenshot
Shot Blair Witchstyle it was just what horror needed right now. Paranormal Activity is character driven and actually told a story without relying on torture porn tactics and CGI. If you watch this with forgetting you ever saw Blair Witch or any other “reality-based” horror you will enjoy yourself. My one big gripe is the theatrical ending, it’s a bit of let down in my opinion. But, the movie has some patented “scares” and some humor in spots to keep it light. Yes, you will question most moves the couple makes, but you will enjoy their mistakes. This movie is not a life-changer but it is highly entertaining. I would say overall see it!