Flashback Horror Review: ‘Exorcist 2: The Heretic’

What the hell is this movie? Granted I remember watching I should say half watching Exorcist 2: The Heretic years ago and thinking are they serious? But, I decided this week partially in light of Linda Blair’s birthday, out of partial boredom and mostly because it’s an instant watch on Netflix to give it a new opportunity to not be bad.

Did it succeed? Sadly no. It’s just plain bad, as a movie and as a follow-up to a horror classic it fails miserably. I’m going to gloss over the fact that it had some big names in the mix. Because that is tragic all in itself. I mean Richard Burton, James Earl Jones and Max von Sydow even Ned Beatty pops up. Oh, yeah then there’s the plot. From what I could decipher from the convoluted is after Father Philip Lamont (Burton) witnesses an exorcism in South America he tries to figure out what happened to Father Merrin (von Sydow), who is one half of the dynamic duo that exorcised the demon from Regan (Linda Blair). The previously possessed girl from the first movie is in treatment for the crazy that one gets after you’ve been exorcised. That parts not true, but whatever. Anyway, Lamont stumbles upon her now living in NYC.

Regain is actually in therapy and being treated by Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) no less. Fletcher is not really Nurse Ratched in this film, but she will forever be Nurse Ratched to me. No matter what. Even in Flowers in the Attic, Nurse Ratched. Blue Steel, Nurse Ratched. Cruel Intentions, Nurse Ratched. Ok, I’ll stop. The therapy sessions are a hot mess, something involving lights and hypnotism. Mostly confusion and lameness. Then there was something with African and/or Indians, I couldn’t keep track.

The main villain in this is Pazuzu, she apparently preys on people who are telepathic? Regan and Father Lomont somewhere decide they need to return to the house from the original. Yeah, because you would want to return to the place where you possessed. Locusts converge on them and kill the possessed look-alike Regan who has showed up. Regan turns into an African priestess and banishes the locust. Not really, but close.

Unfortunately, Exorcist 2: The Heretic is still not good, I don’t care how many years pass. Don’t see it.

  • Celeste

    Sorry to be crude, but I think the producers wanted to exploit the success of the first movie and the…ahem…maturity of Linda Blair? That nightgown scene was over the top. I’ve seen this movie a couple of times and that is the only scene that stands out to me, in a “So disturbing it burns in my brain” kind of way.