See It! The Perfect Getaway (Director’s Cut)

This was actually the first horror movie I have watched this decade so cheers! I honestly wasn’t expecting too much because for one it opened and closed at the movies in like a hot second last year. But, I must reluctantly be very kind this one and give it my seal of approval.

The movie stars Steve Zahn (Joyride), Milla Jovich (Resident Evil) and Timothy Olyphant (Dreamcatcher). Bascially two couples find themselves pitted against a third murdering couple on the beautiful island of Oahu. Good times!

The fact that this movie actually has its characters to vocalize movie tricks with red herring characters and trite happy endings makes it a good watch. Also, girls there are some excellent abs by the men-folk to be seen. There is also an extremely hideous southern accent done, but if you’re not southern your ears probably won’t notice. Now, the very ending was a little meh for my taste, but I’m jaded. See it!