HORROR COMING TO A DVD PLAYER NEAR YOU (Tuesday, February 09, 2010)

The Stepfather (2009) UR
Mom’s (Sela Ward) new boyfriend, David (Dylan Walsh), isn’t quite right and Michael knows it. A series of mysterious events leads the teen to suspect that David might in fact be a dangerous serial killer known for preying on families. Now, all he needs to do is gather evidence before it’s too late. Nelson McCormick directs this spine-tingling remake of the 1987 thriller based on the real-life story of killer John Emil List.

HF Recommends… The Stepfather (1986) R
Sorry Dylan! I am a fan of Dylan Walsh and Sela Ward and I graduated from the same college. She graduated the year I was born. (I’ve been dying to work that into a post. Odd.) So it pains me to say, no to the remake. They used a big strapping male child in the reworking of the story. That little tidbit makes it too hard to believe. Fail.