See It! – Pandorum

Usually when I see Dennis Quaid I run in the other direction, but because I saw Ben Foster’s name (Six Feet Under, Alpha Dog, 30 Days of Night) was immediately on board. I keep asking why that kid isn’t more famous. Get better representation Ben, you deserve more roles. Anyrant. Pandorum is a sci-fi, thriller, horror that once again you will find yourself vested in Foster’s performance.

Pandorum is set about 100 years from now (we think) and takes place on a space ship that resembles Star Trek’s bridge gone horribly wrong. First we see Foster’s character awaken from hyper-sleep; he is disorientated and seemingly alone. That is until Dennis Quaid awakes with the same disorientation. Both of them have no idea what their mission is and are also clueless as to why the ship seems abandoned. After a few moments we along with Foster realize that they are not alone on the ship, in fact other passengers are waking up. And not only waking up confused they are being threatened to being attacked by some sort of hybrid cannibal vampireish type creature. Funtimes.

Now although for the most part Foster’s performance coupled with some other character additions make Pandorum a high not bad, there were some plot points we could have nixed from the story. Foster’s flashbacks, the Nadia character’s back-story and the cook’s whole presence was just over the top. The Dennis Quaid crazy routine was not necessary and still leaves you wondering what actually happened on the ship. How’d we get here? The back-story was confusing and a bit too convoluted for you to care. But, again Foster and the creatures kind of make it entertaining enough, perfect for a Sunday when there’s nothing else to watch. See it!

  • I was about to rent this from redbox when an old lady came up to me and said, “Young man, whatever you do, don’t watch that move.” So I asked her why, and she told me that it was pointless, stupid, and one of the worst science fiction movies she’s ever seen. Suspecting that this old lady probably didn’t watch much SciFi, I asked her, “do you watch the space flicks a lot?” and she told me that she did, and that she was, in fact, a connoisseur of science fiction films. She then went off and listed the top twenty science fiction movies she could think of (all of which I had to admit were pretty good). So I thanked her, and rented Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs instead.

    It was pretty good!

    Maybe I’ll rent Pandorum later. First, though, I want to see Surrogates, since that’s out now.

  • HorrorFatale

    I do agree that parts of it was pointless, but it still had enough of the other elements to be entertaining enough. I think when/if you watch it you will agree if they had obmitted some of the needless flashbacks and backstory it could have been better. They really should have focused more on the creatures. Surrogates is my next one as well.

    So how was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs?

  • It was good. It had some funny parts, and a decent ending. More of a love story really, with funny quirky characters. My kids really liked it.