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Saw VI DVD Review

(I meant to post this last week, but I didn’t. Sick. Sorry for the lateness. Enjoy!)

Normally I would have rated Saw VI a big fat meh, but since I am a left leaning, Huffington Post reading, MSNBC watching, Sarah Palin-hating, feminist, communist, socialist I have to give it a See It!

Now let me make with the whys? If you have been watching or have watched any of the movies in the Saw franchise you know that our villain Jigsaw has finally passed on to the great beyond. Jigsaw has left behind his sinister legacy of killing teaching people lessons about the value of life. “His work” has taken on a bit of different meaning in this edition of film. This time we are presented with a protagonist who is what someone of my political views is automatically supposed to think of as evil, insurance adjuster William Easton.

Just like its predecessors Jigsaw has set up an elaborate maze of traps pitting the adjuster against do or die situations that call upon him using his moral conscience. Ah, but this time Easton must choose between his loyal staff members, some with families, some single and saving someone he loves. Bottom line how does he decide who lives and who dies. The single mother with the health issues or the strapping fit single male. Get it? An insurance adjuster deciding the fate of another…not very big stretch to see what’s going on here, that’s for sure. But, hello. Liberal blogger here. I must find it riveting right. The message, I’m sure was not lost on anyone. Joe Liberman understood.

As far as the Saw movies go Saw VI certainly wasn’t anything different. Without its thinly veiled little message, I would have called it boring and asked it outside to be beaten with a stick, but if you too are a left leaning, “Renegade” (look it up, great book) reading, Rachel Maddow watching, Real Time watching, feminist, communist, socialist, blah, blah, See It!

  • Shena

    Ohhh. I do get it. Say what you want about the series, there is always an underlying truth to it all.