Paranormal Entity — Needs more Entity Activity

HorrorFatale champions the indie horror film, because as you guys know a big budget doesn’t always translate to good film, case in point Friday the 13th (2009). Then there is a movie that probably had a budget of $5.00 like Midnight Movie that turned out to be great.

Now we have this direct to DVD little film, Paranormal Entity, brought to us by The Asylum. This is supposed to be a mock buster as they call it of the huge hit film Paranormal Activity. But, there are big differences between these two films — the scares, the actual paranormal activity. Or lack of paranormal activity I should say. Yes, Paranormal Activity was billed as the little movie that could, however, in reality it had a hefty budget and when you watch ‘Entity’ you notice this fact even more.

Paranormal Entity suffers from it’s lack of budget, because there are very few and effective scares, sorry guys we’re going a little more than painted footprints or feet prints on the ceiling and falling crucifixes. Entity suffers from the lack of well, a pissed off ghost, the ghost in Paranormal Activity was just pissed off; perhaps he was agitated by Micah like we were. But, every night the ghost in Activity did more than whisper to us about his presence, he/she burned shit, dragged whatshername from the bed and just screamed, “I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” That was a cool pop culture reference, look it up. I don’t know, but the “action” in Entity was recounted verbally and in a horror film we need to see it. Bottom line this movie was more like The Entity (1981) and less like Paranormal Activity than it needed to be to effective. See it, if have nothing else to watch.

  • and the way there promoted the film you’d think it was a scare a second, i for one was looking forward to watching this film, but way too many said the scares dont come at all and for me that’s no good, wich is a shame becouse, films that contain hauntings do scare the shit out of me, the entity, amityville and the tv show ghost watch 1990? but that’s why i watch them, just to feel the hair on my arms stand on end. so the question stands would i go out and buy the film? i think I’ll wait for it to air on sky tv….

  • HorrorFatale

    That is your best bet, watch it on tv for free.

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