SUPPORT INDIE HORROR! – ‘The Double Born’ Presented by The DivaMummy

As sweaty, dirty, sex inspired themes go this was right on target. The Double Born directed by Tony Randel (Children of the Night, Hellbound: Hellraiser II) stars Sammi Davis and Jon Lindstrom.

In this tense and twisty thriller, a grieving mother ( Davis) embarks on a strange and dangerous friendship with a pair of troubled day laborers hired to repaint her dead son’s room, with terrifying and tragic results. Unable to put her child’s death behind her, Sophonisba’s desire for motherhood is further frustrated by a sterile husband. As she becomes increasingly unhinged, she proves more dangerous than the bad boys she befriends.

The small budget film starts very disjointed but you know eventually the storylines will merge so just hang in there and enjoy the ride. First, we have Sophonisba (Sophie). Sophie’s a little on the nutty side but you learn her child was murdered so you try to be understanding. But let’s face it, the character it seems has always been a few bottles short of a six-pack. Yes, that is entirely movie appropriate. Seriously, there is a lot of beer drinking in this film. Ahhh, beer always fun.

We soon meet Tommy and Harry. This falls into the typical situation with a dominant personality and little Tommy is just going along for the ride or so it appears. There are some family issues with both boys and I just don’t understand them but it doesn’t really matter to the film so who really cares. Here’s the point. They introduce us to a game called “Hacking.” The game involves stabbing car seats or old mattresses. Of course, this is a substitution for the sex they are so clearly lacking.

There are various other family members and I think they were really heading somewhere with a little bit of the supernatural thrown in but it didn’t seem to really go anywhere. I think I would’ve enjoyed the film more if we had explored that aspect. I don’t want to give anything away about the movie so here is what I can tell you without telling you. You will know well before hand where this film is going and you will wonder WHY? I can honestly say I’ve seen similar on The Chiller Channel at 11 pm and I have seen worse. The Double Born is currently available on DVD.

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