The Crazies — a bit slow, but good

Now in reality The Crazies was only about 90 minutes, but like all movies these days there were a few scenes that moved a little too slowly for my taste.

However, there were major parts that provided some serious intensity filled moments. And ladies, Timothy Olyphant passes the he’s hot in a tee and jeans litmus test. (Email me for details. I’m working on the study for NASA) The Crazies tells the story of the small town of Ogden Marsh. It’s just like you imagine a small American town to be, so small they even have a town drunk. Yup just one. As we know from the many, many clips and trailers something is very wrong in the town. The town’s folk are infected with a mind altering virus and we follow the sheriff (Olyphant) and few other non-infected as they try to escape from the town. Although parts of their journey moved slow, we are rewarded with some good old fashioned violence. Pitchforks, shotguns, oh my.

The Crazies like I mentioned had moments of trite, lovers risking it all to save each other, trusting friendships tested and of course the human survial spirit that always conquers all. But, the reason this movie stands out from I am Legend, Dawn of the Dead and the other virus zombie movies the infected didn’t go all Cgi and start leaping over cars and shit. They didn’t try to eat you. The infected simply went mad. Mad in a way that made them want to off your ass. In some pretty henious ways; let’s just say someone gets their eyes and lips sewn together.

Despite the trite patches The Crazies is a pretty good watch, that almost moved fast enough for me. Almost. See it!

Thoughts, groans, moans.

  • Ruth

    I’m looking forward to seeing this movie.

  • David

    i hope it’s as good as the original

  • I haven’t seen the original, I’m sad to say, but I’ve heard it’s not bad.

  • peglee

    I liked the simplicity of this movie…it wasn’t over the top with graphics or gore but the story line is pretty good(a good ending) and the acting was believable.
    I give it a 3.5/5

  • Mollie Anne

    I’m going to see it with my man today! I can’t wait!