DVD Review: ‘The Collector’

At first glance, I thought this film was going to be what has become the same old same old commonplace torture porn we are seeing repeatedly in films like Saw and Hostel and all the other imitators on the horizon. But, The Collector manages to draw you in and you actually want to see what happens next. For me that’s a rare event. You almost place yourself in the situation, what would you do?

The film takes place inside the home Larry and Gena Wharton; they’ve hired Arkin (Josh Stewart) to do construction at their entirely too big house. Seriously, I couldn’t get over what appeared to be an endless amount of rooms. Through some rather uninteresting scenes between Arkin and some criminal types, we learn he is in desperate need of cash and has decided to rob the Wharton’s home. Once Arkin arrives later that night back at the home he finds out he’s not alone, in fact the house has been taken over by a masked psychopath who has taken the couple hostage and is in the midst of torturing them. Seriously, he decided to sew the Gena’s mouth shut. I won’t even spoil you on what he does to Larry. Poor Larry he looked a nice guy.

Anyway, the only thing missing from this fuckery is the couple’s two daughters. The mom tells us after she’s de-sewn (Is that a word? It is today. Ha!) that the older daughter has gone out, but the youngest daughter is somewhere hiding in the house. Now, I would like to tell you I would have stuck around to help find the daughter and save her, but since I’m not a mother (Well, not the kind that gives birth) I can almost safety say I would have ran as fast as my feet could carry me. Don’t judge me, I would have phoned the cops from the safety of my living room.
Arkin becomes an anti-hero; he has to decided stick around and takes on the Collector. At first he manages to go undetected for awhile, but once Arkin’s presence is known it becomes a sick little game of cat and mouse between the two. You find yourself pulling for Arkin and wondering who the hell the dude in the mask is and what’s his beef? At the end you get the reveal, but you are still left with a bit of the WTF’s because you still never get a clear reason for the Collector’s madness.

The ending certainly lent itself to a sequel, so perhaps we can learn more about the newest masked villain. The Horrorfatale.com would give this one a definite See it!

The Collector is on DVD April 6th.

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