Will Definitely Sleep Again – ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Review

Although the A Nightmare on Elm Street is visually pleasing that’s where the pleasing stops and the yawning begins. The reimaging of horror classic fell short on the scares and the delivery of Freddy’s trademark snark simply does not cut it. Pun totally intended.

There’s seriously no need to rehash the storyline because it is basically the same tale we all know, except in this version there is no hinting at Freddy’s suspected pedophilia it’s right there in your face. Look at me I’m creepy and even in death I’m still creepy. Creepy, but not scary. As you already know there’s a new man wearing the black fedora this time and its not Robert Englund and not to beat a moot point to death, it should have been.

Although I think Jackie Earle Haley is a great actor, he was not the right choice to fill Englund’s Christmas sweater. Haley tries to mix the smartass with the dark and well it does pain me to say it, but it didn’t work. The jokes fell flat and when he was supposed to intimidating, he simply wasn’t. I know the excuse for this from the powers that be (Bay and his minions) is that we are returning Freddy to his former darker self. Yeah, well boys he wasn’t dark as much as was just ewww. Missing was Englund’s swagger and the presence he brought to the character. I couldn’t get pass the voice being SO wrong and the fact that the Nancy character was taller than Freddy just bothered the hell out of me. Bottom line new Freddy not scary enough to be dark.

Now visually the movie is great, they updated the old and attempted to take it further. And most times new director Samuel Bayer (Smells Like Teen Spirit) was successful, there’s a CGI-ed wall scene that I hated, but other than that I tip my hat to him for being able to successfully blur the lines between Freddy’s dreamland and reality. And I’ll only say this about the acting, you don’t watch a horror movie for great thespians, so the acting is what you’d expect. Kellan Lutz you are hot! That is all.

It’s not a secret to you guys that follow HorrorFatale.com how much I dislike most remakes done by Platinum Dunes (Michael Bay’s minions), but damnit man you people need to just stop! Seriously STOP! To give myself some objectivity I enlisted a non-horror fan to go with me counting on her to be scared and jump when she was supposed to, instead I looked over and about 35 minutes in I think she was texting.

In fact after about 45 minutes, I found myself looking at my watch just wanting it to end. And let’s just say the ending was lukewarm at best, of course setting itself up for a sequel or if they know what’s good them not. This movie is forgettable and does not stand up original at all. In fact if they put this Freddy and new Freddy in cage match, 1984 Freddy would kick 2010 Freddy’s ass. Hell, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 is better than this, and that shit was terrible. Do us a favor guys no more remakes; we’ve had enough.

Your turn. Thoughts, groans, moans. Hell if you enjoyed it please tell us why!
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  • Ruth

    I knew it would be seriously bad just from the trailers. And I’m sorry but in head Freddy was not a pedophile, a child killer yes but not a pedophile. I think this will color my view of Freddy for this movie just too much. Plus he doesn’t even sound scary.

  • It’s just really sad, they should have took over the edge and went into it guns ablazing, but they went lukewarm instead. Tragic.