About the Project Called “Super 8’

I have a beef with JJ Abrams, I’m sorry I just do. It started a few years back when LOST went all off the fuckin’ rails and then I watched Cloverfield which I still think is much adieu about nothing. It just went from there. I’m clearly crazy, but whatever.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting Abrams has joined forces with uber-director Steven Spielberg to create something called Super 8. And yes, I know this information has been rumored for a few days, but it’s confirmed so suck it.

Abrams has written the original script and will direct the film this fall for a summer 2011 release through Paramount, where Bad Robot resides. Spielberg is producing the project, which will be in the $45 million-$50 million range.
It has nothing to do with “Cloverfield” and will be shot traditionally (i.e. not hand-held). It’s potentially a huge movie for Paramount, despite its midrange budget, which is why it’s got a slot during Paramount’s already crowded 2011 summer slate.

I love Steven Spielberg, so I’m going to just ignore Abrams and get excited. I need to let go of grudges, all of them except against Michael Bay and his minions at Platinum Dunes. They are just unfucking forgivable. They can suck it.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

PS. BloodyDisgusting posted the trailer.

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