About Lost Boys 3: Again FAIL – Just Let it Die!

I tried my best to ignore this movie; I tried to ignore the last one, but, it keeps coming back like gum on the bottom of my Louboutin, uh Steve Madden. Anyway, Douche Feldman is back and he has dragged Jamison Newlander from obscurity to continue the bastardization of what was once a promising franchise. Lost Boys: The Thirst hits your DVD players with a thud October 12th.

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  • Celesteblue

    Ok, all bad acting aside (as huge as it may be) Who in their right mind financed this? The quality filmmaking (stunts, videography) is there but not the writing or acting is up to snuff. And I got all that just from the trailer…I have a feeling that in 5 years, the whole Lost Boys franchise will have some kind of drinking game attached to it.