DVD Review of ‘After.Life’ – Life Goes On, Well for Some of Us

I would have liked this movie more if The Sixth Sense hadn’t preceded it. You will pretty much figure out the little twist by the end of the first act of the film. Of course, there’s something utterly creepy and wrong about Liam Neeson’s character, so there is a reason to watch. To the films credit however, there are a few loops here and there to make you question your perception of reality. Is she or isn’t she?

We are introduced to the Anna Taylor character (Christina Ricci) doing what Christina Ricci usually does on film, be oddly creepy and somewhat fascinating. You know where you keep looking at her, not sure, if you like or trust her. Maybe that’s just me. But, I tell you something about that girl is not right. But, I always like her performance. Moving on. Ricci’s character seems harmless enough; she is just living her life as a teacher who is dating Paul Coleman (Justin Long aka The Mac Guy), who for a reason we are never really told the two of them have a tumultuous relationship. Soon after, we meet Eliot Deacon (Neeson), who is the local undertaker, at what appears to be the only funeral home in this town, when Anna attends a funeral. After an unwarranted and not explained clearly fight with Paul, Anna jumps in her car and races away. Of course this fight happens during a rainstorm that is more powerful than any windshield wiper known to man. Funny how that happens in movies.

Well, according to Neesan’s character Anna’s taking life for granted and all that jazz. Seriously, he gives a little existential speech somewhere in the third act to explain this to us. Since, I’m in the middle of an existential moment right now, clearly he was talking to me. Got it, but I digress. Anna tells us that she always meant to do “something” but never got around to it. Too late now. You dead girl, says Whoopi. Remember that line from Ghost? (Don’t blog with a wine glass in your hand, this is the result.) Annnnyway.

Now as I mentioned, the film would throw out little clues to what was “really” happening to make you unsettled if you will. Watch out for the creepy little crumb snatcher running sround. Check out his mother. Just saying. Some of this works, but then the pace would slow down and you would stop caring. Eventually, you get to the ending, which wasn’t as shocking or surprising as it was probably meant to be. The movie had simply drug on too long, with setting up characters, like the mother who really had nothing to do. Overall, I would give it a cable it.