Fangoria Frightfest 2010: ‘Pig Hunt’ – Title Kind of Sets the Stage, No?

No matter how many times I watch a film where the characters are camping, hunting or going on a road trip, I still manage to enjoy them mostly. I just make sure to never go camping, hunting or go on a road trip. Basically, the same storyline applies to Pig Hunt with a small change, three of the characters are former soldiers. At least two of them saw combat fairly recently, in Iraq to be exact, one of them mentions Fallujah during a conversation. As much as I would like to make this political statement of some sort, I won’t. Not just yet that is. Maybe, we’ll see. You know how this bitch likes her poltics.

The story like I mentioned starts the same way, a group of friends (John, Brooks, Ben and two other people we’ll just call dead meat 1 and 2) decide to take a road trip to somewhere in Northern California, where they will be hunting Bambi or whatever it is people hunt. Apparently, John is from the area and his Uncle owned land there. But soon enough on the journey they meet some rednecky types in the woods and some weird hippy people as well. Well, shit it is California. The land of electic right? Anyway, John’s childhood (Jake and Ricky) buddies show up to get in on the huntin’. Again, we hear talk of combact from Ricky, who took some shrapnel in his belly and decides to show us all his scars. Ok. These two have been to Delieverance school, if you know what I mean. There are some teeth and hygiene issues, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

If Jake and Ricky aren’t scary enough, they like cocaine, sreiously the two of them pull out some magical fairy dust. I remember when coke was a rich man’s drug. My have times changed. Dead meat 1 decides he wants to do a little blow while making delicious looking cups of coffee for everyone. Some other stuff was going on, but all I saw was blow and coffee. During the adventure in the woods, Jake dazzles us with a tale of a giant killer boar. Let the party began! So, we have cocaine, a giant boar, shrapnel and a coffee press. Ok, forget what I said about not camping. I kid, I kid, but I would like some of that delicious looking coffee.

Instead of doing the smart thing and going home, they as a collective decide they will be the ones to kill the giant boar. Needless to say, the boar has other plans, that involve taking each of them out one by one. Let’s just say the boar has help and it’s a little surprising who it is. Pig Hunt is definitely a surprisingly good movie. It’s really entertaining and it had a fresh take on the road trip film. Some of the characters were off putting, like Ben got on my nerves. And I really didn’t see the point of the nudity per se, but it’s horror so there must be tits, right? So far I’ve watched two of the Fangoria Frightfest films in their entirety. As of right now, Pig Hunt is the favorite. gives it a definite See It!

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