Fangoria Frightfest 2010: ‘Dark House’ – Miss Darrode is Kind of Cool

You already know going in that these festival movies aren’t always going to be the next great horror classic, but they can usually manage to be entertaining. This is one of those films. Dark House tells the tale of Claire who returns to the foster home where she witnessed a terrible massacre years ago. Capitalizing on its history, a mysterious showman (Jeffrey Combs) has turned the infamous mansion into a haunted-house attraction. Soon Claire and her friends realize that a demonic force has taken over the building and they’ve been locked inside with a malevolent spirit who wants to perpetrate another mass murder.

Sounds great right? Well in some parts, it is, but in some parts, it turns into a cheesy drawn-out mess. Of course, the budget was not nearly huge enough for what they were trying to pull off. You have to overlook that little flaw. But, they did manage to have some pretty bloody kills. Combs delivers his little shtick well enough, but the breakout performance goes to the villain, Miss Darrode. Seriously, that chick plays crazy very well. We needed more of her.

Overall gives this movie a strong rent it! Or, wait for cable.

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