Fangoria Frightfest 2010: ‘Grimm Love’ (Rohtenburg) – Very Grim Indeed

Grim Love is a story that takes place in a land called batshit! That’s my usual mantra these days, but in this case I can’t call it anything else. Well, I guess I could tell you how sad it is, because in reality it really is truly a sad story. The main character Katie (Keri Russell) is a grad student living in Germany who has become obsessed with the story of Oliver Hartwin (Thomas Kretschmann). Oliver dreams of eating a willing victim, and thanks to the internet, he was able to find a volunteer, a young man Simon Grombeck (Thomas Huber).

Yeah, really that’s what happens in this disturbing, yet really boring film. For the most part the movie has an extremely dark back-story involving an eschewed matriarchal relationship between Oliver and his mom. Simon and Oliver are both extremely loved starved and lonely. Although it was hinted there is a strange connection Russell’s character develops during her research which perhaps if it had been explored a little better might have made a lackluster movie more interesting. Why is so obsessed with the story? If she feels sorry for either man, you never know. It’s just a dropped storyline as to why she needs to research this tragedy. What’s her story?

Grim Love is a part of Fangoria Frightfest 2010 and for some reason it didn’t make that great of a fit in my opinion. I would give this a don’t see it, it’s not worth your time. The idea of this movie is more entertaining than the actual film.