Dexter Season 5 Episode 2: Hello Bandit – Ding Dong Astor’s Gone! (Let’s Discuss)

Last night’s episode was certainly not an action packed episode that’s for sure, but it’s Dexter so it was still better than most anything else on TV. We’re still dealing with the untimely death of Rita Lady of the House Dress and its aftermath. Early into the episode, we see the FBI has cleared Dexter for Rita’s murder. Luckily for him he was at Arthur’s house playing forensic specialist at the time. Phew! But, before we start high-fiving each other we see Quinn’s nose is still wide open trying to figure out the FBI’s newest lead. The newest lead is Kyle Butler of course. Of course. Go Quinn keep snooping, then Dexter will kill you and make us happy.
Then there is Astor. Oh, poor pouty, angsty, ungrateful Astor. She’s still really mad a Dexter for taking her from her Dad and the dynamic life they had before. By dynamic I mean, Daddy beating the shit out of Rita and their existence of limited funds. So farewell to Astor and Little Brother Whathiswhineyface. We’ll be seeing you in reruns. In other less creative words, Grandma Housedress came and collected the kids for her to take over raising them in Orlando. Yeah, who cares?

Back to Dex. Dexter took some time to stalk a killer who I might be able to date. Why you ask? Because all his cans faced forward in his cupboards. OMG! That’s hot. You think I’m joking, I’m not. There were some other back stories taking place in the episode, I wasn’t paying attention to because I was too busy enjoying a delicious cocktail. Apparently, Laguerta apparently has over $250,000 in the bank. Remind me to increase my 401K percentage, btw. Do we even need Masuka anymore? Seriously, what’s his purpose? If you answered levity, I say couldn’t be because he’s not even a little funny anymore. He had to step into Dexter duties and do some blood splatter work.

Angel went batshit crazy on some dude in a bar after he made an off-color joke about his new bride. This week I’m pulling Deb’s annoyance pass I issued her last week, because she was back to being Deb. You know how she has daddy issues and she is completely damaged, she admitted to Quinn that they had sex. Yeah, don’t ask. Overall the episode was a little on the dull side, but it did introduce us to Sean Hornsby’s brand of crazy. Is he our new villain? Thoughts, comments, moans, groans, theories?

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