‘Frozen’ DVD Review: Undergrad. It’s What for Dinner – See it!

If you’re a reader of this blog you have probably noticed that I have a shit ton of irrational baseless fears which include, but are limited to: clowns, milk, some elevators, public bathrooms, plastic cups, hotel pillowcases and most importantly peacocks. Seriously, those little fuckers can’t be trusted. Now this movie has introduced a completely new fear: ski lifts.

Frozen takes place at a ski resort, where the character’s Dan and Joe, and Dan’s girlfriend Parker have gathered to do some good old skiing. After begging the lift attendant for one last night run on the slopes, they of course get stuck at the top of the lift. The reason this is problem is that the resort has closed for the weekend and its Friday. Fun. We watch as the three friend’s brave the elements, bitch and moan at each other about their past and we see if they can survive until Monday. Not only must they contend with a snowstorm, but a pack of hungry wolves have decided to snack on the co-eds for dinner. Yum! Oh, yeah look closely because Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees) makes a little appearance, adding some street cred to the film.

Overall, Frozen was one the few entertaining movies I’ve seen in awhile that didn’t involve an ax or machete, and that’s a good thing. The wolves add for a nice element of fun for us all. I was ultimately surprised at how engaged I was in this mostly character driven film. I like violence so when there isn’t any I usually get bored, but this kept me awake. However, it does start slow, but quickly recovers once night is upon us. The Horrorfatale.com would give this one a definite – See it!