‘Saw 3D’ Review – Oh, Well ACME Products is Still Going Out of Business

Without spoiling the flimsy storyline, I’ll just say this Saw 3D made me laugh several times. So for that I give it kudos. If that was the writer’s intention then just know they achieved it. Now, if they were supposed to end the franchise the way it started as a different message relaying film with a clever twist, then I’m afraid they missed the mark by a long shot.

Yes, they did tie up all the loose ends and yeah most of the pivotal characters made appearances to end their storylines as well. But, it all somehow amassed to a big old fat yawn. Seriously, there were times that I was hoping that they were going to take a scene a totally different direction and then they would do the expected. As far as the kills go, some of them were interesting; some of them were a bit mundane. But, as usual Jigsaw did manage to punish some people that needed punishing, with the exception of the first victim. Yeah, she was a bad girl but her actions didn’t necessarily warrant her death in such a heinous manner. Just saying. The characters were so flat and honestly I didn’t care what happened to any of them. They honestly could have had them all blowup in the first half hour, and I don’t them anyone would have noticed.

As far as a closer for such a now iconic franchise goes, this wasn’t exactly going out with a boom in my humble opinion. At least they toned down the over the top convoluted storylines of the past and didn’t get as preachy as before. But, that might have been the problem, everything just fell short considering it was Jigsaw’s last hoorah. So farewell to the Wile E. Coyote method killing. (I’m sorry I like that joke.) The Horrorfatale.com recommends you save your gas and rent it!
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