HorrorFatale.com Presents – Freak Out with Your Geek Out Fridays

I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook and not enough time with my blog audience. Yeah, you I got your email. Way to call a bitch out! So, on Friday’s until I get bored when horror news is at its slowest or better yet the shit doesn’t interest me, we are going have a freak out moment. What’s a freak out moment you ask? Well, lovelies, you might find a random song, picture or shit that just gets on my nerves here that goes off topic.

For your listening pleasure, I present two of my favorite songs. Bow your heads for Joe Strummer!
Get Down Moses!!!

And even though Trent went and married another bitch. This is a NIN cover of Get Down Make Love from when I was in high school. Enjoy!

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