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In the vein of Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch newcomer, Juan Diaz, brings us, Tender Moments. Tender Moments tells us the story of Juan and his girlfriend as they decide to videotape some of their day-to-day interactions. This all goes awry when Juan returns from a trip to the market with a skin rash that slowly spreads and causes him to have erratic behavior.

First off making any film with a limited budget is a hard task to pull off. Trust me I know. I have some old student films I did once upon time that would make you point at me and laugh. Laugh HARD! The two films I mentioned earlier actually had huge budgets to make them look homegrown. Therefore, I want to give this filmmaker props for his film.

As far as early efforts go Tender Moments is a fair attempt that with some tweaking could turn into something good. The story idea needs to be fleshed out a bit more and perhaps the conversations and interactions between the two characters need to be reworked to make them a little more engaging. Missing is the third “character.” By third character, I mean suspense. You need strong elements of this to bring you into the story and make you care about them. This was missing from this film.

The movie also suffered a bit from character development, the thing about movies like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch, you already either have a sense of whether you are going to root for them or cheer when they bite it early in the films. Remember how you hate Micah about15 minutes into Paranormal? We’re missing this in Tender Moments. I actually got a little confused, at first, I thought the characters were married, then later we see they don’t live together at all. It’s not important, but stuff like that can take you out of the film.

Now, like I wrote above the idea is a reallygood one. It would have been cool to watch Juan’s spiral into madness, if we had a clearer idea of who he is in the first place. The Fatale would also like to give the thumbs up to the make-up. I’m always happy to see good old fashioned mess up your skin oily make-up. The rash was pretty gnarly! Love it.
Overall, this little movie that with some reworking could be the mockumentary for outbreak films. If you would like to watch Tender Moments visit Or, if you want to become a producer on Juan AIP Entertainment’s next film you can find that information there as well.

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