Fans Choose ‘Rosewell’ Concept for SyFy/ Original Movie

SyFy and IGN let fans put their money where the mouths were and they opted for alien. Good choice! Twenty-thousand fans selected a “Roswell” for Syfy and’s B Movie Mogul. B Movie Mogul is an online development and production site that lets fans weigh in on an upcoming Syfy Saturday Original Movie.

The winning concept will be: Another spaceship crash lands in Roswell, New Mexico, and a dangerous alien creature escapes. Authorities soon realize there is something under the earth in Roswell that has been attracting spacecraft since 1947, and maybe even before. Now they have to uncover that secret while they hunt and kill the creature.
After Dark Films will produce the movie and Jason Connery, son of old school hotness Sean, will direct. The film is set to premiere early 2011. The voting for specific plot points continues at Go get your mogul on!