‘The Last Exorcism’ – Rent It!

There are many many reasons to want to slap this movie and everyone involved in it. Because I know you are automatically thinking not another movie about a possessed teenage girl, your mind goes to Emily Rose and whatever the hell that was Sissy Spacek and Hot Mugshot’s dad (Donald Sutherland) put out a few years ago. But, alas The Last Exorcism is different, it’s different than those because it’s actually pretty damn entertaining. No, it’s not The Exorcist , but it kept me awake. And lately that’s not easy.

The basic premise involves Reverend Cotton, an Evangelical minister who has lost his faith, but still takes people’s monies to perform an exorcism. Oh, before you call the fraud police, we get Rev’s tragic back-story about his sick kid, so he’s doing it for a good reason. Well sort of.

Cotton receives a letter from the Sweetzer family who believe their daughter is possessed. So, the good reverend with film crew in tow take off the swampy backwoods of Louisiana. Once there you get the usual Deliverance-vibe and are introduced to a few characters and scenarios which try to help us understand why this chick (Nell Sweetzer) might and might not have a case of the demons. Nell has never seen a pair of Doc Martens in her life. How that happens, I have no idea, but whatever.

As we, all know mockumentary style films can go either way these days. But, the acting of Patrick Fabian (Reverend Cotton) is really convincing and you want to believe this is actually happening. The visuals are also not too terrible. I still love that Nell climbs the wall like on the poster. Funny. At least to my crazy ass it was funny. As far as twist endings go, this was a decent one that you may or may not see coming. Overall, Horrorfatale.com gives The Last Exorcism a Rent It!
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