‘A Serbian Film’ (Review) – Praying for Hysterical Blindness At Times

It was really hard for me to figure out an angle for my approach to reviewing this one, especially in light of how absolutely annoyed I was by the I Spit on Your Grave remake. As I have proclaimed many many times, I’m one of those card carrying liberal feminist chicks; hence my reason for starting this blog in the first place. There’s not too much that shocks me in real life or on film. I approach most of my reviews with a certain amount of humor, or at least it’s funny to me. One of my goals is help women objectify the men of horror. Abs, arms and ass, is our mantra around here! However, sometimes, I am forced to approach something in the non-comical manner and this is one of those times.

A Serbian Film tells the tale of Miloš (Srđan Todorović) a former porn star. I guess in this case according to the film he is a porn superstar, the Michael Jordan of porn, literally he is supossedly the Rembrandt of sex. Miloš is now a retired, married father, trying to just go about his day to day. Well he didn’t have a 401K and his porn savings are about to run out, however he still needs money to support his family. Instead of putting in an application at the local market or something, he turns to the old stand-by with a lot of coaxing by an old porn acquaintance.

Miloš then meets with the producer who explains to him that they are making art, not porn. Also, telling him he needs to think of himself as an artist and not a porn star. The producer then offers Porn Jordan what we are led to believe is an ungodly amount of money to do this film. Miloš soon agrees. Then we’re off! Off balance, down the rabbit hole with Alice and all the crazy. I’m not going to rebroadcast the effed up plot points, because I think my computer would weep if I did. And by now you’ve Googled and read the list of debaucheries for yourself. Let’s just say Miloš has signed onto a snuff film of epic proportions.

Now the task at hand, did I like this film? That’s a tough one; because oddly enough on some level, which makes me, question my own sanity I didn’t completely hate it. Yes, it’s deplorable! Seriously, there were times I would look out the window just to keep me from looking at the screen, because I was afraid my eyes were literally going to fall out of my head. But I feel as if the writer and director might have been making a commentary. Sort of a statement on just how desensitized we horror fans have become. Now, I could be completely off base and it could of all been a rouse to see just how far they could push the nasty without getting arrested for the assault of our eyes.

Another reason I think I hate this less than I Spit of Your Grave is because I still stand by the fact the nude shots in that film were a little too lingering. Whereas in A Serbian Film, I do believe the director wanted us to be thrown off by what was going on. You are not supposed to be comfortable watching this film. There was no sexualizing of any of the horrific situations. They were disgusting and off-putting in every single way. And I think they were 100 percent meant to be viewed that way. There is no way to recommend watching this to anyone, I watched this film almost a week ago and a lot of it is still with me and not in a good way. I’m still not right. Who I’m kidding? I’ve never been right. Excuse me while I rewash my DVD drive and screen again. There’s almost not enough Clorox in all the land.

  • Ruth

    I read the plot for this movie and that was enough to make me curl into the fetal position and suck my thumb! I do see where you might be going with the fact that maybe they wanted us to be just that shocked. And if so…well BRAVO! They did it.

  • Tod

    Masonic floor, Alice in Wonderland, the spirit from the lamp with saber, you a traveling to another dimension! It is a Masonic film!

  • Good theory. I don’t know that much about Masons. So, I can’t speak on it. I did think it was very Alice in Wonderland, following down the crazy hole.