‘I Spit on Your Grave’ Remake – Still Messed Up After All These Years

Let me premise this rant by saying I chose to watch this on DVD because I knew there would be several scenes I would be unable to watch. Keep in mind this is coming from a chick who laughed heartily at The Human Centipede and was actually a little bored by Martyrs, I’m no wimp. This will be probably be more ranting than reviewing, you’ve been warned.

First off I had a sneaking suspicion this was going to be one of those where misogyny was on display at its best, but I also thought by today’s standards and with creativity — I know Hollywood might still have deep inside somewhere, we could do away with or at least turn down the volume on the rape scenes. But, alas, I was disappointed.

The plot pretty much stayed in line with the original. A young unaccompanied woman goes to a cabin somewhere rural to write her second novel and she is targeted and attacked by a group of unsavory men. The men basically torture, humiliate and rape her for some sort of misguided pleasure. Perhaps they are bored, I don’t know. I’m not sure what took place during those scenes because I walked away until I heard the coast was clear. As a woman, it’s both painful to see and hear another woman being abused or degraded in any way and in this day and age I’ll take it a step further and say — unnecessary. These scenes went on far too long and there were several HIGHLY unwarranted lingering shots, in my opinion. And, since this is my site, it’s the only one that counts right now. Sometimes, I wonder why the viewers are being forced to peer at this woman. What purpose does this serve? Because if you are aroused at anyway, seek treatment my friend. And let’s not gloss over the abuse towards the mentally challenged kid. I’ll just leave that one alone.

Now let’s skip to the second act of the film, the one where I will almost certainly hear arguments about how this film is about female empowerment and revenge. The second act is supposed to make all the girls cheer with glee because she’ll be avenged and show these awful men a thing or two. Yeah, she gets revenge for sure, in some very creative ways, but is it equal? Honestly, she had been through so much the revenge didn’t move me that much. Horrific yes, but even I’m not so sure. The female character now is forever damaged, but I guess through a hell of lot of therapy she can move on. I guess because honestly it’s certainly more likely (unfortunately) a women will be gang raped and left for dead, than for her to be picking off her perpetrators one by one horror movie style. Just saying.

I guess as far as horror goes this qualifies on some effed up level. It’s not a poorly done or poorly acted, so if you have the heart for it I guess it’s a See It! If you have a hard time and are struggling with finding a point to films like these, then keep it moving and by-pass it. I personally can never figure out why films like these actually get made and why we are propelled to see them. I Spit on Your Grave is currently on DVD.

This is why I should have stuck to my guns and not watched this one. Ok, off my soapbox! Bring me some bleach, I need to wash my brain out.
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  • Claudia

    I may be able to shed some light, unfortunately there are corners in the minds of individuals that will continue to confuse those of us who live somewhat dull ordinary life and lets say for the sake of argument that this particular movie was made to show that what you do to someone never goes unpunished then by all premises this move had to be made. The disturbing component comes in the extremely unnecessary visual picture painted by the film. Long gone are the days of Alfred Hitchcock when chocolate syrup and a shower curtain was all that it took to send our imaginations to horrifying mind altering scares. With each generation innocence dies a little sooner than the last making this film much more graphic evidence of films yet to come. I applaud you for taking one for the team and giving us your honest opinion, rape in any scenario is very taboo and will bring rise to controversy…

  • John

    You say you are no wimp – I am not implying you are – but the examples you gave aren’t exactly movies to gauge your bravery or mental fortitude. This movie was nowhere in the ballpark of difficult to watch, aside from the leads acting, that made me cringe. I have seen much more disturbing movies from a content perspective (A Serbian Film, Aftermath). I think the kind of violence shown in this movie is par for the course today, it’s no worse than what they show in the Saw movies.

  • First off I chose those two titles because they were two of the last few years a lot of people have claimed to have had trouble watching. Trust me I’ve watched some horror from abroad that seriously should just be called torture porn, so again I stand by the comment I’m no wimp. It takes a lot to make me cringe. Trust me.

    My point was, these types of films I sometimes feel like the lingering shots and just the sheer length of the rapes, are pointless. We know what goes on during rape. Are we making them explicit for shock value or are they truly necessary to drive the plot? I had the same issue with the Last House on the Left, The Girl Next Door and the Killer Inside Me. It’s a little sad that watching anyone be raped and humiliated isn’t a little off-putting.

    And you weren’t impressed with Joey from Elm Street’s acting? 😀 We disagree but thanks for commenting.

  • Claudia

    Glad you could clarify that, since to some people rape is just another form of violence to be exploited by the media. I do agree with the opinion that long scenes are really not necessary for the plot to continue and therefore can be reduced to add possible a bigger perspective to the movie like what made them do the dastardly deed in the first place…