‘Rubber’ Review – Yeah, It’s Different

I love when my entertainment mocks me for being entertained. How freakin’ delightful! Let me temper my sarcasm by first saying I did like this movie, even if it was calling me stupid. As you might have heard Rubber is a 2010 French horror comedy that tells the tale of Robert the killer tire. Robert rolls around the desert blowing up people and bunny heads with his telepathic powers. We are not given an explanation of how this tire got all Carrie-like, but that’s the point. In a horror movie do we need plot elements to make sense? Of course not!

We all watch as the film offers us obvious commentary on how jaded we’ve become, but as point and laugh at us as this film was Robert the Tire did manage to make for a pretty formidable villain. We are never really told why the little tire was so pissed off. Almost like with most horror movie murderers does he need a good reason? I suppose he doesn’t. As long as someone dies, right? There was also the sub-plot of how when humans are put in certain situations we have a tendency to go all Lord of the Fly’s on each other.

There is also a huge sub-comedic element that played in the background. You know the old making the screen characters aware that it’s all just for giggles, not of this reality. You know none of this is happening or you’re not real, blah, blah, blah. I’m torn on how I felt about that. In some parts I wasn’t exactly sure what the point some of the gags were, then there was the sheriff character, (Stephen Spinella), who had a Barney Fife element to him which made his presence fairly entertaining, I suppose. Again the kills are pretty decent considering the film was making commentary about violence and how easily entertained we are by it. Well at least I am. Anyway, Rubber is playing in limited release around the country. Honestly, I would wait until they show it on IFC. Entertaining and different? Yes. But not worth the drive.