‘Scream 4’ Review – The Old is New Again, Almost

Michael Bay this is how you do a reboot honey. Now, from that one sentence I guess you can tell I liked Scream 4 , however don’t think the film didn’t have its yawn moments for me. But, for the most part my issues with this film were cosmetic ones that came from years of horror movie watching. Nothing is ever scary to me, know what I mean. I no longer jump at jump the “jump scares,” and if you pay attention you can pick up on the beat of the film enough to know when someone is going to get it. Basically there is never an element of surprise for me. Well, I take that back a little; the climax of The Orphanage kind of got me. Dead kids are creepy man, just saying.

Anyway, like everyone else I groaned at the news of the reviving this franchise, I thought they are going to bastardize something else from my youth. Yippee! But, Wes Craven did what he does best, he took something played out (the reboot) and breathed a little life back into it. No, he did not reinvent the wheel, but he did manage to entertain my jaded ass. The basic cast was the same as it was cough, cough 15 years ago: Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers and Deputy Dewey. Sidney returns to Woodsboro 10 years after the last Ghostface killing spree to pimp her book about her survival skills. See this is one of those issues, why would Sidney ever return to that town? Mom’s dead, all the friends are dead, she had first time sex with her hot yet psycho boyfriend who tried to kill 15 minutes later in this little hamlet. Yeah-great memories. I know people who had a boy to not return a phone call and they want nothing to do with our city. Again just saying.

We catch-up with Dewey who is now sheriff, (would never happen, Dewey is still an idiot) and married to Gale Weathers (also unlikely she would drop all ambition and settle in Woodsboro. Nope don’t believe it.) Of course, upon Sidney’s return the body count around town starts to rise. Ghostface starts calling and everyone once again is a suspect. Now here is another one of my issues, which I’m actually torn about. If you are a horror fan or a fan of this series, you will figure out pretty early who the killer actually is. My thoughts are Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson did this intentionally. As sort of a wink, wink to the hardcore horror fans, because if not I’m really disappointed. I say intentionally because one of the big “twists,” was just so obvious (not the opening, by the way. It’s hard to write this one and not spoil.) if you are just paying attention.

I think Mr. Craven and company set out to do what they did. They wanted to modernize Scream franchise for this generation. A generation who like mine grew up on horror, but like it’s pointed out repeatedly the “rules” of horror have changed. We’re jaded and cynical and I think Craven/Williamson understands this and tried to appease the hardcore fans and horror novice. Because like I said before, the big “reveal” didn’t shock this fangirl even slightly, but watching this person go nutters did entertain me and made me laugh. Watching people become unglued it’s comical! In contrast, the kids behind me in the theater were floored when the killer was revealed. The acting in this is not Shakespearean; it’s a freaking horror movie, so you know. I bought everyone’s performance well enough. Hayden Panettiere’s character really reminded me of myself, the short foulmouth undercover horror geek, geek period actually. I was sort of that back in the day. Overall, Scream 4 is a witty, entertaining film. It’s not change your life cinema by any means, but it’s not bad. As I stated so much better than many of the “reimaging” to use Platinum Dune’s catch-phrase I’ve saw recently. One classroom scene made me laugh; every Blackberry and iPhone lit up at the tale of the first murders. In my day, it would have been a bunch a pagers going off. God, I’m old. See it!

  • Ruth

    Sounds great! I can’t wait to see it and find out for myself if I’m “hardcore” enough to clue in on the killer early on!