‘I Saw the Devil’ (Review) – Charles Bronson Would be Proud

I remember watching Death Wish with my grandmother as a little kid. She had a thing for Charles Bronson, personally I was into Clint Eastwood and his whole Dirty Harry-thing. What? I’m into the tall boys. Anyway, in the vein of Death Wish and Walking Tall , (the Joe Don Baker version, no offense Rock. Your version was surprisingly good, as well) we have South Korea’s I Saw the Devil. A combination of the afore mentioned revenge movies ramped up by a villain that would make Hannibal Lecter shutter a little. Seriously, this is an evil dude.

I Saw the Devil tells the tale of Kim Soo-hyeon, a secret agent. When Soo-hyeon’s pregnant fiancée’ becomes the latest victim of serial killer, Kyung-chul, the agent blurs the line between good and evil in his pursuit of revenge. Now, this is not your regular run of the mill serial killer from most horror movies, this guy is depraved and not slightly remorseful for any of deeds, in fact he seems to be taking great joy in actions. He even has friends. How is that possible? The actor, Min-sik Choi, who plays Kyung-chul gives such a solid performance, you will definitely want to Google him to see what else he’s done. Seriously, homeboy — you are scary. Then there’s my new crush, Byung-hun Lee (Kim Soo-hyeon) his concentrated quest for revenge is awesome. I have to give the writer credit for such inventive ways Soo-hyeon chooses to issue his violent revenge. They were most excellent. Not to rob you of any glee you will feel from watching the carnage, but my spry little crush literally beats a pedophile’s penis with a wrench. Good stuff!

Don’t get me wrong I Saw the Devil is not exactly a perfect movie. For instance, I questioned the length of the cat and mouse game Soo-hyeon played with Kyung-chul. This time factor might not bother you but, The Fatale is a bit impatient and wanted Kyung-chul dealt with slightly more quickly. However, to a normal person the pacing might not be an issue. Overall, this film gets a solid See It! I Saw the Devil is currently playing On-Demand and in limited theaters.