‘The Roommate’ DVD Review – You Already Know

I’m sure many of the other reviews pointed out The Roommate has an uncanny resemblance to the 1992 film Single White Female , but I am hell bent on not comparing the two. Because as you might have already heard the latter is far better. And honestly as a person who’s taste has only matured slightly since then, Single White Female isn’t exactly a masterpiece either. So, let’s pretend The Roommate’s existence is from a brand spankin’ new fresh idea. With that factored in, this film was exciting as watching a fly land on a picnic table. Riveting!

The Roommate stars some people that I have never seen any other their other works, but I’m already jealous of Minka Kelly, because apparently she’s dating Derek Jeter. So just call me a hater. And the other actress is Leighton Meister (I didn’t bother to check the spelling, sorry.) who is on something called Gossip Girl, which needless to say I haven’t seen. Minka plays a college freshman from somewhere they wear fedora’s with peacock feathers that comes to Los Angeles to study design at some undetermined college. It might have been determined but I wasn’t paying attention. Here Minka meets her roommate Nutters McRich (Leighton Meister). And let the party begin! Basically, Leighton decides she wants Minka to be her one and only friend forevermore. She then proceeds to go out of her way to destroy all of Minka’s other relationships. Oddly, enough she doesn’t actually kill anyone, with exception to a cat. Side-eye. Leighton’s character uses intimidation and mild violence to take people from Minka. Shivers, scary stuff. Again side-eye.

Imagine my shock to see Billy Zane in Fox Hills Mall, I mean in this film! Billy Zane plays Minka’s douchbaggy instructor, who of course makes an inappropriate pass at Minka. Bad Billy! How dare you take your pretty mouth and hit on that girl! This whole little scenario was pointless. It is me or if you get Billy Zane don’t you expect him to at least have something mildly important to do? Perhaps Zane’s appearance was to serve as a reunion of people who were in the film Titanic. Francis Fisher also makes a cameo as Leighton’s mother. Aside for almost explaining how Nutters got to be nutters, she wasn’t needed. But, oh well hopefully they were paid well for their work. My mantra this year has been the attack on pacing. The Roommate literally went on for a hour before you remotely get a clue as to why Leighton is doing any of this, although it’s not a good reason, but they almost give you something to work with. I won’t spoil you on the explanation but I will say — NO. I’m pretty sure those issues don’t cause batshit cat killing attachments. How freakin’ clumsy.

As someone who remembers this movie when it was called Single White Female (I know I promised I wouldn’t do that. But seriously.) I can just spare you now, and say save the rental and wait for it to hit Lifetime where it belongs. Or, basically just skip it! There’s nothing new or even remotely interesting to see here. I don’t even think the youngin’s will enjoy this one.
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