After Dark Originals ‘Seconds Apart & Fertile’ DVD/Digital Download Available Today

Seconds Apart: Written by George Richards (Black, White and Blues), directed by Antonio Negret (the upcoming Transit), and starring Orlando Jones (Magnolia), Seconds Apart pits brother against brother. Seth (Gary Entin, Rest Stop) and Jonah (Edmund Entin, Rest Stop) are twins who share an evil kinship and a gruesome talent for telekinesis. The duo uses their power in the most horrific of ways against their high school classmates, until local law enforcement begins to suspect their connection to the murders. A jealous rage escalates and quickly turns into a supernatural display of power and a family about to meet its end.

Fertile Ground: From the minds of truly terrifying horror writers Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch (Motherof Tears, Toolbox Murders), Fertile Ground follows young twosome Emily (Leisha Hailey, Showtime’s “The L Word”) and Nate (Gale Harold, TV’s “Hellcats”) as they leave the city for Nate’s family home in the country. As the couple settles in, Emily is plagued by monstrous visions and haunted by ghosts all around their new home. Soon Nate experiences changes of his own, and Emily fears that she may be the latest victim in a murderous family tradition.

Also AVAILABLE NOW on VOD: Seconds Apart, Fertile Ground, Prowl & Zombies of Mass Destruction. Check you local cable company for details.
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