‘Hereafter’ (DVD Review) — Netflix Irony or Coincidence? Meh Nonetheless

As you might have noticed there was no rapture. My explanations for the many stunts I’ve pulled in my life so far needed more work. Not sure if, “it was fun,” was going to work, but that’s kind of all I had. Netflix sent me Hereafter on May 20th, the day before absolutely jack shit happened! So, this is great I thought I can get a preview of what the afterlife is like beforehand. But, this film had other confusing and boring ideas.

Hereafter stars the hotness known as Matt Damon (George Lonegan) as a psychic who with the touch of his hand can see people from your life who have passed away into a “heaven” or afterlife sort of place. Think Medium or John Edwards (not the politician, btw). Sort of like he is a walking séance without the table levitating and the creepy old ladies, mind you. Now you see why it was a little ironic Netflix sent me this one at this particular time. More coincidence, probably, but still funny at least to me. Matty’s character has decided he no longer wants to be all Sixth Sense-like, but the people in his life on this plane keep pushing for readings. Which has caused George to become mildly reclusive.

The story is split into three separate tales surrounding George, a French reporter who survives a natural disaster and an English boy who loses his brother. The three stories in the end culminate with Damon’s character finding a resolution to his “gift.” I suppose. I don’t know after two hours, which this movie is, I got really bored and started doing my nails. They are a lovely shade of matte gray in case you were wondering.

Bryce Dallas Howard makes what should have been called a cameo in this film as a love interest for Damon. She honestly could have sat this one out because literally anyone could have done this part. I don’t want to completely bash this movie because as you might have noticed I am a huge Matt Damon fan, but this I hate to say was lackluster at its best. One big problem is I can’t decide on whether the film was to debate the existence of an afterlife or whether having the gift of being able to see the afterlife was the point. Either way, the vagueness of what Damon actually sees while giving his reading isn’t remotely interesting. There were strange flashes and who knows maybe that’s what it’s like. Who knows? There was nothing new to this film. What Dreams May Come did this better and was more aesthetically pleasing years ago. Sorry Matty. If you must Hereafter – Cable It!