‘The Troll Hunter’ Review – A Solid Meh!

I eyeballed The Troll Hunter for a few days debating on watching it in the first place because I already knew it was all documentary style, which honestly I’m so over. But, like one my friends said how can anything with troll in the title be bad? The Troll Hunter comes to our shores from Norway.

So let me ask this is supposed to a comedy? If not then I’m questioning my whole perception on life. When our villain “the troll” makes his appearance I chuckled. I was more afraid of the fry up the hunter was eating. Seriously, you can down eggs and sausage like that be limber enough to chase anything?

Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing

Even though the premise of this film is so batshit, you have to tip your head to the writer, director, as well as the cast for their commitment. The actors are able to pull you in well enough. Not enough to make you care what happens to them, but well enough to keep you mildly engaged.

The basic plot is when a group of students investigate a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter.
My mantra as of late has been the criticism of pacing. The Troll Hunter suffered from the same issue. Toooo long, we don’t care anymore after an hour; get to the climax already. Especially, when the its going to be as uneventful as this one. Just saying.

Another problem I had was just the whole documentary style that it was shot in. At this point it’s been done repeatedly. Although I appreciate the idea of the government secretly hiding the world of trolls and having a whole department just for their extermination, but at the same time the film is just not strong enough to shake off the fact it’s not real. This little flaw made it a bit well cheesy. Overall, I give The Troll Hunter a meh! Wait for the DVD release.

The Troll Hunter opens June 10th.

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