‘F’ (Review) — Another Reason I Should Never be a Teacher

Having attended high school in the inner city in the 90s the story that takes place in the film F proved for me to be not in the least bit frightening. Or, even remotely startling, which is its intent I suppose. But, nonetheless it was actually entertaining, in that you as the audience will feel really sorry for and root for the main character’s survival.

F is brought to us from the UK and stars English actor, David Schofield, as Robert Anderson a downtrodden high school teacher. After Anderson has an incident in his classroom in which he is attacked by a student, Anderson turns into a functioning alcoholic that everyone seems to have little to no respect for. So when he alerts the school’s security guards that some kids are vandalizing and threatening him they all ignore him. That of course turns out bad for all involved.

During an evening dentation (I remember detention, not that I was ever in it. Wink. Wink) a few of the teachers find out they should have listened to Anderson’s warning. Let’s just say one finds out that fire and being locked in a dumpster isn’t fun. F is like many other films from abroad recently that tells the story of these rogue children run amuck. Think Eden Lake, The Ills and even the U.S.’s The Strangers , teenagers who seem to enjoy terrorizing and most times murdering adults for no apparent reason. I guess that’s why this is supposed to be startling they are committing these acts from a random place. I call it crazy personally but that’s just me. My question is-are we raising, and by we I mean you breeding types birthing a bunch of little sociopaths?

Mostly like I previously stated F is entertaining enough in that it’s not boring, even though it has a slight body count. And the ending, I’m not so sure what I’m supposed to do with it, but whatever. If you get a chance I say Rent It! And make sure to side-eye all teenagers. I kid! In fact I dedicate this to you teens. We cool.