‘Insidious’ (HorrorFatale.com Review FINALLY) – Still Like It

I saw Insidious in theaters when it first came out back in April. I was really worried that like with Paranormal Activity it would lose its appeal for me on DVD. I can happily report it did not, Insidious is still a pretty entertaining little film. Yes, that’s a bold statement coming from me who may be called a little too critical but that’s what I’m here for. Now having said that, no it’s not without a few issues, but Insidious is still worth a watch.

Soon after moving into a new home, Josh (Patrick Wilson) and his wife Renai’s (Rose Byrne) son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) falls into a coma and his body starts to attract malevolent forces from a mysterious netherworld. But when the family decides to move again, hoping to leave the evil spirits behind, they realize that their problems are just beginning. James Wan (Saw) directs. The film also features my friend*, Lin Shaye (2001 Maniacs, Critters) as a medium.

One of the things you will certainly notice is its unmistakable resemblance to Poltergeist ; only elements missing were the T.V. static and Heather O’Rourke’s famous, “Their here.” line. T.V. static for the youngins’ back in the day the different channels actually went off the air, no infomercials just what we called snow played on the channel until the next morning. I know that’s horrifying enough right? For the most part Insidious follows thePoltergeist formula almost to the tee with exception to the scenes where we are actually shown the demonic forces haunting the family.

Let’s talk about those demons a second shall we. I have to admit I’m intrigued by them. The lack of back-story for the interesting looking demon’s bothered me I wanted to know more. In fact there was what seemed to be a “family” of creepy demons who were shown with plastered sinister smiles on their faces sitting on a couch. One was dressed with a sweet little bow in her hair wielding a shotgun. Who are those people? Tell me more. The head demon who I’ve decided looks like a cross breed of Darth Maul and Freddy Kreuger was shown in his lair. I wanted an invite, because he looks like he can party. Instead we are told about some crazy old lady in a bad hat. BORING! Go with Darth Fred, scarier villain. Just saying.

Insidious also “borrows” from another film in its story telling – Shutter, . I won’t spoil that part for you, but let’s just say there are shady photos involved. The actors are great considering this is a horror film. I’m always appreciative when good actors’ saddle up to a story. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are excellent as the unfortunate couple and Lin Shaye gives a performance that would make Zelda Rubinstein proud as the medium trying to help this couple get their son back from Darth.

Again much of the film isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but it’s put together well enough to where I still think you will be entertained. My pacing gripe still makes an appearance in this review, because there were parts that were slow and clearly unnecessary plot devices. Like the introduction of Barbara Hershey in the film as the grandmother. Trust me guys we already know if Hershey’s in it, there’s an Entity. Get it?

Insidious is currently on DVD. See it!

**She’s my friend on Facebook. Is she yours? Didn’t think so. So there.

  • Shena

    I really enjoyed the movie. The main problem I had is they lived in huge houses on a grade school teacher budget. That shit isn’t happening. Other than that, It was a good flick and I would watch it again.

  • Yeah, I noticed that as well. I’m with you that house was HUGE and were they not in California as well?

  • Bookmarked, I enjoy your blog! 🙂