‘The Perfect Host’ (Review) – One Crazy Dinner Party, Where’s My Invite?

Forget the napkins, forget the small talk, forgot the hors d’oeuvres, forget the cocktails. Wait, scratch that- grab a bunch of cocktails and sit back and watch the nuttery! The Perfect Host tells the tale of a fugitive on the lam who decides to crash a dinner party. But he seriously regrets it when the mysterious and unusual host, Warwick Wilson, (played by David Hyde Pierce) soon has him convinced that he would have been better off hiding somewhere else. This thriller is from first-time feature writer-director Nick Tomnay.
The Perfect Host Movie Online
If you are watching the trailer and you think you know already let me stop you now. In fact, there are two very subtle, but major twists to this storyline that were carried off almost flawlessly. This is in part due to Hyde Pierce’s awesome performance. Seriously, he deserves to be side-eyed and probably watched from now on. I’m convinced he might need homecare. As far as violence goes this is not a blood bath at all, the horror of The Perfect Host is the sheer psychotic actions of Warwick. However, I would still party with him. Y’all know me; I’m not one to turn down good wine.
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Warwick is so crazy and puts the fugitive (played by Clayne Crawford) through so much you feel really sorry for him. I have to give a special shoutout to the Crawford by the way. He hails from my home state of Alabama. But, that’s not the reason I was impressed with his performance, I really felt for him. Crawford’s character is not a good guy, but this time his situation wasn’t completely of his doing. That’s all I can say without spoiling you. Although you start to eventually pull for him, you still want to see what Warwick will do to him next.

Overall, The Perfect Host is fun! But, there are parts that lag a little but the performances manage to keep you engaged. See it!