‘The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)’ Opens in Limited ReleaseToday

Whatever. I so could care less about this film. But, since I sold out, I have to post more even when a film’s very existence annoys me. Happy now? Anycomplaint, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) brings its nonsense to some American theaters today. I already told you why I am throwing side-eye at this film unseen in a previous post so I shan’t repeat my grievances today. Also, below there’s the one-sheet that is supposed to make you– I have no idea what the message is? She has a good waxer? I gots nothing. Click thru to the NSFW poster and trailer, if you need a reason to throw side-eye.

Inspired by the fictional Dr. Heiter, disturbed loner Martin dreams of creating a 12-person centipede and sets out to realize his sick fantasy.

Check your local listings for The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) theaters if you are so inclined that is.