Bradley Cooper as ‘The Crow’- Glad it’s not a thing. (What’d he might have looked like.)

I have to admit these pictures are interesting and slightly coolish looking but I stand by the fact Bradley Cooper is not even remotely hot or badass enough to play Eric Draven. Cooper is missing the slickness to pull it off to me, even as Face in that horrid A-Team remake he lacked the debonair of Dirk Benedict. I really don’t get this Bradley Cooper thing. Can you tell?

Concept art has found its way onto the internets showing us what a possible Cooper would have looked like in this new version of The Crow. I liked goth, Trent Reznor-like, industrial Draven as played by the hotness that was the late Brandon Lee better. There was that scene where Lee dives out of the window shirtless and wet. And the scene where he is walking away with that hot toned back- HONEY!

The hat bothers me, but I like the hair. Again, I think Cooper would have had a hard time making mime make-up look cool and not clown-like. Personally, I am still on team Ryan Gosling for the new Eric. Thoughts?
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Bradley Cooper as Eric Draven The Crow