11/11/11: Murder Suicide – I’ll bite

Directed by Keith Allan. 2011
The Asylum’s film 11/11/11 (I keep watching films by The Asylum. I can’t tell you why at the moment, but it’s a thing with me right now) opens with a mass murder suicide at a New Year’s Eve party. Personally I think it’s rude to invite people to a party and then shot them. However since I spent NYE drinking blush wine playing Fallout: New Vegas (yes I’m still playing that old game) who am I to judge?

We are then introduced to Professor Joseph (Timothy Gibbs), his wife Melissa (Wendy Glenn) and their son Nat as they move to a new college town to take over the post of the previous Prof. The neighborhood appears to be at first glance like many others nothing out of the ordinary; with the exception of the fact they meet in a van quite often to discuss the professor’s son. Speaking of the son his birthday is 11/11 and the year is 2011. You get the idea right? Satan’s spawn, mark of the beast, Rosemary’s baby, etc., etc.

I won’t spoil the plot any more than that. Although, I wanted to love this film because it would have been cool to get a new Damien especially considering how much The Omen remake failed. I will say this if 11/11/11 was a made for Lifetime movie it would be great. The Asylum by the way makes mockbusters, I can recommend a few to you, Paranormal Entity (which we reviewed) and Snakes on a Train.