Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – Great Starter Horror for the Kiddies

Directed by Troy Nixey
Remember the film, The Watcher in the Woods? The old 80s Bette Davis film. If you check its IMDB page the film is classified as a horror. Well, if you watched it you know not so much. But, if you were a child like I was when that film was released then its Disney-esque horror was not lost on you. I say all that because this is the feeling you will surely get from watching Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark .

First and foremost can someone please explain the point of purchasing estates for you, a spouse and literally a small child? Space this large in my opinion asks for ghosts to come mess with you. Early in the film we are introduced to a little girl called, Sally, who is sent by her mother from Los Angeles to live with her father, Alex (Guy Pearce) and his girlfriend, Kim (Katie Holmes). They as you might have guessed have purchased an estate with “history.” A large estate but in their defense they are planning on flipping it. So, I will cut them a bit of slack I suppose. But, this house’s history – since it’s a horror movie of course leans towards death. Bloody, teeth shattering (literally) death.

We are given a brief semi-informative, semi-disturbing backstory about the first incident that happened at this house. This film a remake of the 1973 film of the same name was written by Guillermo del Toro and Matthew Robbins. Robbins is the director of another hot 80s cinematic masterpiece The Legend of Billie Jean . Fair is fair! Del Toro is one of my favorite directors; I love pretty much everything of he has done. Spoiler alert, I will be reviewing Julia’s Eyes this week, so get ready for it, btw. Although the film was actually directed by newcomer Nixey, the film reeked of del Toro. I am really starting to want to know what Guillermo has against children? Kidding of course, but seriously Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone. Just saying. These, just like Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark are not the movies to be kid characters in because your fate will not be good.

The cast especially Bailee Madison (best part of Just Go with It) were competent enough. If you can get past Katie Holmes side mouth speaking and the fact you really want to smack some good sense into the dad, its bearable. But, like mentioned before if you’re a child then it’s the bees knees. Isn’t that what the kids say?

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.