‘Paranormal Activity 3’ – Better than Part 2

Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Paranormal Activity 3 was at a disadvantage with me from the start because I am so over the found footage shtick at this point. However, it’s this films first predecessor that reawakened what had been long dead with the Blair Witch Project, known as this-really-happened-here’s-the-video- genre. Did I tell you guys my mom believed the Blair Witch Project was a real thing until I explained it to her? True story. And don’t be talkin’ about my momma; I’ll cut you.

Although Paranormal Activity 3 technically should be classified as a prequel because in this film we get the origin of the pissed off poltergeist. The film takes place in fall 1988. Oddly enough the VHS tapes held up impeccably well. I wish I knew how they managed to preserve their tapes because if I recall I had a copy of Camp Beverly Hills that I watched every day. It eventually had lines down the center of the screen and made it completely unwatchable. But these tapes are in amazing condition. This seriously was not a problem for me; I just thought I would mention it, because I know some people were annoyed by this.

But, back in 1988 Katie and Kristy (the two characters from the first films) are little girls living with their mom, Julie, and her boyfriend Dennis in California. Dennis films weddings for a living, so he has access to a many video camera. We are never really told why Dennis starts filming; we just know that at some point he does. After a strange incident in the house which involves an earthquake and dust, Dennis decides to then put cameras throughout the house to capture any paranormal shenanigans. As with the first two films the entity is of course fucking shit up.

Seriously, the entity does not like Dennis, his friend Randy and Katie. But, in the ghost’s defense he didn’t seem to bother people if you didn’t mess with him first. That’s a good virtual I suppose. Although, you won’t have the same satisfaction you had when the ghost finally gives Micah (character from what Paranormal Activity ) what he had coming to him. Finally at the climax of the film we are given exactly the cause of all the trouble. Spoiler alert Micha was on the right track. This is the part in the film that I don’t approve of at all. To not spoil the ending completely for you I’ll just say –— really what did Dennis ever do to you?

Paranormal Activity 3 is available on DVD/Blu-Ray on January 24, 2012.