‘The Innkeepers’ Review – Things that go Bump in the Night

The_Innkeepers Ti West
Directed by Ti West. 2012
The Yankee Pedlar Inn is about to go out of business. So prices have to be really great right? Before you pack your bags to go on vacay I need to warn you, there might possibly be a small problem with a ghost already in residence. The Innkeepers stars The Last House on the Left’s, Sara Paxton and Kelly McGillis (I’m still using Top Gun as an example of her work) and its directed by Ti West (The House of the Devil).

Working the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn before it closes down permanently, two employees (Paxton and Pat Healy) are determined to reveal the hotels haunted past. They begin to experience disturbing events as old guests return.

First off let me tell you guys I go through these phases. Two years ago 3D was my thing and now thanks to The Orphanage I’m really into all things hauntings. Ghost stories are so refreshing at the moment, good old fashioned tales of things going bump in the night. The Innkeepers definitely hits the haunted ghosty spot. Basically, it’s the same story, many many years ago a bride went all nutters and off’d herself within the walls of the Pedlar and legend has it she still walks the halls. True story my freshman dorm had the same story, and apparently Nostradamus predicted the ghost was going to go batshit crazy one Halloween and off us all. Not me because I spent Halloween night elsewhere – still another story.

Like most haunted stories we get the superficial jump here and there, bumps and creaks. But, due in large to Paxton’s performance you’ll be won over and really want to see how the story will end. When will Mrs. Aladice * make her appearance kind of vibe. Unlike most of these films where you scream at the screen trying to figure out why are these people remaining in this place, there is a two moments where the character buck that nonsense. However, their luck does run out. It isn’t without problems no film ever is, the first half of the movie pacing is a little slow, but the second half makes up for those moments.

The Innkeepers is in selected theaters today and On-Demand.

*If you don’t know who Mrs. Aladice is, you are clearly in the wrong place.